Hardline Muslim preacher Nassim Abdi said using a public urinal is a grave sin [video]

Allah will punish Islamic men who use a public urinal and get 'splash back' on their shoes, it's an act of impurity.

A hardline Muslim preacher has declared Allah will punish any Islamic man who uses a wall-mounted public urinal and gets 'splash back' on his shoes.

Nassim Abdi, from the ultra-conservative Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah Association, has told worshipers at a western Sydney mosque those who failed to clean themselves properly after urinating would be punished 'in the grave'.

The Auburn-based preacher accused Muslim men of imitating non-believers, also known as kafirs, by exposing their private parts at wall-mounted urinals in public toilets.

A person using them is urinating in full view of anyone, who comes and goes, with no shame in the midst of impurity,' he said last week at the end of a 32-minute religious lesson.

'Thus he can combine two apparent and forbidden acts in one deed, not hiding his private parts from the view of others nor cleaning himself properly after urinating.'

Mr Abdi, who has previously declared it sinful for a wife to refuse her husband's demand for sex, said Muslims who urinated incorrectly would invalidate their prayers.

'You're also, when you're urinating, you're getting splash back,' he said. 'Very easy for that splash back to come to go on your pants and on your shoes. 'It leads to your prayers not being corrected.'

Mr Abdi's denunciation of public urinals comes two years after fellow ASWJ preacher Abdulghani Albaf gave an angry sermon at the same mosque, above the Bukhari House Islamic Bookstore at Auburn, in Sydney's west, on the same topic.

'Every public or every male public toilet now has urinals where they just stand up like animals and urinate in front of one another,' he thundered.

Mr Abdi, a fundamentalist Sunni Muslim, has previously declared it sinful for those of the Islamic faith to wish Christians a Merry Christmas.

He has also condemned Muslims who let their children listen to music in the car and Islamic women who showed their ears in public.


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