I'm writing about politics and with the articles I supply background information as much as possible, while history and videos are also very important elements of my personal activism. I believe in freedom and freedom of speech and expression, but most of the videos provided here on my blog are banned by the liberal social networks and the only way to share them is to "wrap" them in a blog or website.

I'm an "outside the box thinker"

Global politics are very important for me because of the conflicts which I’ve seen not only in my native country (and many others). 

It was only after having spent years in the USA , fighting in the Middle East and joining forces with NATO and the UN, that I turned to activism. No, not the “street activism” but the “written activism” with well-founded reports and opinions based on facts. 

Both NATO and UN supposedly are “working towards peace” but they’ve never been close to solving issues on earth such as terrorism or lasting peace - you know what? These same NATO and UN are even responsible for all kinds of not-so nice wars. 


“It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction”

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