YouTube in her zeal of deleting videos that are not politically correct or allegedly spread hate speech or racism, hit my YouTube channel too. The video channel, which I created in 2009, has been deleted.

To avoid losing all my clips, I saved them, long before YouTube destroyed my channel, on another similar channel that respects free speech, BitTube TV.

The first video below, in its original version was the first on my channel and received more than 1Mio clicks, while the 2nd one, which I created one year later, already had 1.7Mio clicks.

Now you can watch all my videos on two channels, 'The Watchdog', an international news channel with many videos about what's going on in the world and is not shown in the 'fake news' and 'Islamo Facts' that carries videos with undeniable facts about the Islam.

'Islam Is Not For Me'.

Not only a catchy tune, but they're singing the truth. Created in 2009.

'Brand New Leather Jacket'

Still on my YouTube channel with 1.4 million clicks already. Created in 2010.

'The Plague'

A newer clip about migrants flowing to Europe. Heavy metal with lyrics. Created in 2019.